Colors and digis

It's challenge time again.
Stacey is ready with the new Jewlery Color Inspiration 23 :) It's great again and so pure in the colors :)

And here is my digi.I like the color combo but honestly I will try to add another one these days because this digi is not perfect as I'be done it at the office and here my materials are less.But let's see :)

Here is the other one as I've promised to Stacey :)

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Stacey Schafer каза...

Everybody loves Winnie the Pooh! This is soooo cute, Lili...I love the way you've used the colors on this fun digi. I added your link to Mr. Linky for you...not sure why it didn't work for you. Thanks for playing in the Jewelry Color Inspiration #23...you're first again:)

Lili каза...

Hi Stacey :)
Yes,I love Winnie too :) But I didn't match the correct size.Nevermind- I am happy that you like it.Thanks for Mr.Linky,I don't know why I didn't see it when posting in your blog.Yeap..first again-thanks :)

Stacey Schafer каза...

Love the second one, too! The little envie/note in the center is too cute! Thanks for the double delight:)

Lili каза...

Thanks Stacey :)
Happy Valentine Day :)
Love and peace to you and your family :)

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