Mojo Monday 73

I saw the new sketch at Mojo Monday yesterday but I was too busy with my paper crafts.I am ready now with a digi for this sketch.I love the way they combine the elements-not so dofficult but precise.The theme is Home sweet home :)

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Sue каза...

oh what a gorgeous card, beautiful image, luv it. sue.x

Lili каза...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the kind words :)
I will have a look at your blog too :)

Susan (peebsmama) каза...

I really like the bird house image. Pretty!

I've looked at your blog before but since I don't understand the lanuguage most of it is written in, I haven't been able to leave comments. I appreciate that you wrote this description in English :-)

Lili каза...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the kind words for my digi.
I am from Bulgaria (South Europe),so my blog is in Bulgarian language :) Sorry that i didn't translated before.But if you roll donw in the right side of my blog there is a translator-so you can just click in English :)If you don't undesrstand something please ask me :)

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