Green Fairy

I finally finished this card.I've been doing it for 3 days.I use white paper for visit cards which is relief,green light paper.The green fairy is made with a copic and I have painted it with my aquarelle pencils and after that make the borders with a black pen.The yellow line is a paper with holes from a punch and the stick a white ribbon using a hot silicon pistol.I put some glittering glue over the leaves down and up on the fairy's wings.The small flowers is from a mini-kit handmade embelishments.I love it and I am proud of it :)I hope that you'll enjoy it :0)
p.s.I made the pictures now and it is late evening so the quality is not so good,but I'll improve tomorrow :)

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Sue каза...

A great card lots of work gone into it, lovely colouring, sue.x

Lili каза...
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Lili каза...

Thanks Sue :)
I was afraid that noone of you ( I mean pro-scrappers ) will not see what I've done.Because in fact I have no idea how it looks like this card in people's eyes.
Thanks again.
Kisses :)

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