Stacey's Colour challange

Toзи проект е в отговор и за участие в цветното предизвикателство на Стейси.По-долу има и цветовете,които тряба да се използват


This project is related with Stacey's color challenge.Below the colors and my "reply"

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Анонимен каза...

This is lovely:) The layout and use of color is phenomenal! Thanks for playing in the challenge this week!

Stacey Schafer каза...

Thanks so much for the help with my blog issues. I added a couple of photos with the Picasa Album, but the siggy must work differently since it is added with each new post. Also, the word verification prompt isn't showing up either. Any suggestions?

Lil каза...

Thanks Stacey.
I left a comment in your blog for the problem with the word verification :)

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