My first digital kit!

Yeap!It is ready!Finaly!
My first digital kit is here :) Rainbow kit!I just want to say that it is ready to show you but not for download.I will share it soon.It contains too much papers and embelishments-I even didn't count them.I just gather what I have done since my first background was done.But I don't have the patience to count,share and after that to announce it.So here it is.

I promise to share it as soon as I change my pc.The old one will not manage with all these mega bites and actions.Sorry that I didn't make a digi with my first kit,but I will.I will also add some free frames (QP).Soon!I am working on all these.

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Neizi_ss каза...

Бравоооооооооооооооооо! Ма кадърното си е кадърно - нема грешка :)

Aquawoman каза...

Ммм...Бубка, супер свежо !

Lil каза...

Да се поклоня ли ?
Ха-ха ;)
Добро утро :)
Малко съм станала с някои части нагоре ,ама случва се.
Хубав уикенд сладурки :)

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