My new PC

I have a new PC!I am so happy.Everything seams easier with it.I've downloaded a new version of Photoshop,but I don't like it at all.I will update to CS4 as soon as I manage to install it.It was a big mess till I have my pc installed with all the info from the old one.In spite of this-it is ready.Here it is:

Just the monitor /an all my stuff around/ :)

I also made a new digi with the CS3 in Bulgarian language which I will change with CS4 tomorrow.but the digi is really cute.And now I can see the real colors of all I am opening.This is so cool.Lol.

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Neizi_ss каза...

Пък добро утро :) пък :)Муцоранке ...чекам те с нетърпение за кафе !

Ivolina каза...

Честит компютър. Прекрасна страничка в много нежни цветове.

Lil каза...

Добро утро :) Благодаря ви момичета :)
И аз много му се радвам.
Честито лятно време,добре ще си поспим или не-това ми е вечния въпрос да му се не види...
Фифко пием кафенце вече.Иволинка благодаря за хубавите думи и твоите сини цветенца са страхотни :)

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