Stacey's Jewelry Inspiration

I would like to appologize Stacey cause' I didn't have enough time to play in her Jewlery Inspiration last week.I am sorry Dear :) But here is my digi for Jewlery Inspiration 26.Thank you Stacey :)

Here is the fabolous necklace which Stacey chose to surprise all us again :)

And the colors.So warm,pure and according me holding the wave of love and the free mind :)

Here is my digi named Free mind -I gave her this name bacuse I feel free when I saw these colors.

I use my new "passion"-the brushes from Adobe Photoshop.I also made the background using Gradient tool.I fact all the elements inside the digi is made by me,except the colibri.I hope that Stacey and the other pro-stampers will like it.Thanks :)

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Stacey Schafer каза...

This is wonderful, Lili! Thanks for sharing this beautiful digi and for playing in the Jewelry Color Inspiration #26. We missed you last week:)

Lil каза...

Thanks Stacey :)My pleasure to share and play in your Jewelry Color Inspiraiton :)Sorry again for not playing last week.I promise to be a regular player :)
Kisses :o)

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