Happy Snail

Snail!Yeap.Happy snail :)

I got another new sketch and made my card according it.

Also I have made my sketch challenge official for everyone who want to participate.In the end of the week the winner will receive personal degital card from me :) Enjoy it :)

I am sure that in the beginning I will give all awards to Nezi (no other will participate).But let's see what will happen :)

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Stacey Schafer каза...

Love this sketch:) I will have to give it a try! Stampin' Up! announced that they are going to offer a new digital scrapbooking program later this year! Can't wait for that, so I can do what you do!

Lil каза...

Hi Stacey,
Yes,it's lovely and simple.
There is no need to have a sketch and to do digital scrapbooking!My other digis are made by my fantazy.I just combine papers (backgrounds),embelishments and the options of Photo Shop :) So the sketch is not compulsory here...use your mind,feelings,emotions and eyes :)I know that you'll manage :)

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